Resolving Disputes And Guiding Clients

We have experience resolving disputes about the admission of wills to probate and the administration of an estate representing personal representatives, trustees, beneficiaries, and estate creditors.

Whether your loved one passed with or without a will, or you believe that there has been a mistake in the execution of the will, undue influence in the creation of the estate plan, or that there was a lack of testamentary capacity at the time of the will's signing, we provide clear counsel and representation to protect your interests.

Many of our cases involve large estates, complicated estate planning arrangements and complex choice-of-law issues. Whether handling adversary proceedings, the application of foreign laws in Florida jurisdictions, the domestication of foreign wills, or probate appeals, our team of attorneys provides advice that assists clients in navigating complex proceedings. We help our clients assert their rights during will contests and other probate disputes.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Miami office to discuss your specific needs. Probate matters and trust disputes can be complex and it is important that you ensure your best interests are protected by an experienced lawyer.