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A Leading South Florida Law Firm Solving Complex Problems

At Weissman & Dervishi, P.A., our attorneys apply a thoughtful approach to solve complex problems for businesses and individuals in Miami, throughout South Florida and across the world.

Each of our attorneys and staff members brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his or her role. To learn more about our legal team, we invite you to follow these links.

A History Of Legal Success

Jeff Weissman founded the firm in December 1988 as Jeffrey M. Weissman, P.A., having previously been a litigation partner at Sparber, Shevin, Shapo, Book & Helibronner, P.A., a prominent Florida firm led by legendary trial lawyer Robert L. Shevin.

Bob Shevin was one of the few Floridians to serve in all three branches of the state government, first in the Florida House of Representatives, then the Florida Senate, followed by two terms as the Attorney General of the state of Florida, and finally as judge of the Third District Court of Appeal for the state of Florida.

Brian Dervishi started his career at Sparber, Shevin, and received his first legal assignment from Jeff Weissman. He went on to work closely with Jeff and Bob Shevin for the first six years of his practice.

After Sparber, Shevin disbanded in 1988, and a two- and half-year stint at the Miami office of Baker & McKenzie, Brian joined Jeff in 1990. John Borgo joined the firm in 1996, having worked with Brian at Baker & McKenzie. Peter Tappert started with Weissman & Dervishi as a law clerk in 2005 while in law school, then as a lawyer in 2006, becoming a shareholder in 2013. Among the lawyers who have worked atWeissman & Dervishi are Jack Britton, one of the deans of the Miami bankruptcy bar; Frank Shepherd, former Chief Judge of the Third District Court of Appeal; and Charles Lichtman, a prominent South Florida litigator.

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To learn how we can help you solve your legal matter, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 305-347-4070.