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Alternative Methods Of Dispute Resolution

Many organizations worry that the legal process might ultimately result in unforeseen negative consequences. From loss of productivity to employee morale issues to organizational reputation, the potentially negative impact of a court case can be intimidating. Fortunately, other methods of dispute resolution exist to allow a business to proceed in a professional manner.

For some businesses engaged in commercial disputes, engaging in costly litigation proceedings is an option often best avoided.Weissman & Dervishi‘s commitment to efficient and cost-effective litigation practices means that we explore opportunities to resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner. We have considerable experience in structuring agreed resolutions of disputes, and, as litigation attorneys, we understand the importance of saving our clients time and money through alternative dispute resolution.

Talk With An Experienced Dispute Resolution Attorney

When trouble first appears on the horizon, it is wise to seek the counsel of a skilled business attorney. We can listen to your concerns and provide clear guidance regarding the best course of action. Through arbitration and mediation, our lawyers can guide business clients toward the resolution of complex disputes while avoiding the risks inherent in courtroom litigation.

In Miami or throughout Florida, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our firm. You can reach our law offices online or by telephone at 305-347-4070.