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A History Of Significant Representation

Weissman & Dervishi’s practice covers a broad range of litigation. These are some representative cases:

  • We represented a dietary supplement company and its owner in an enforcement action regarding the substantiation of advertisements brought by the Federal Trade Commission seeking $1,400,000 and injunctive relief. The case settled shortly before trial. The company remains in business selling its products as originally formulated.
  • We obtained a dismissal in federal court of a lawsuit against our client, one of the largest providers of internet website hosting and support services in the world. The lawsuit sought disclosure of the IP addresses of anonymous commenters on various political blogs, and the dismissal vindicated important privacy and First Amendment rights.
  • We represented a court-appointed receiver in state and bankruptcy court proceedings concerning eight partially developed residential subdivisions located in five different counties in Florida that secured a $125,000,000 loan to a bankrupt national homebuilder. The receiver sold one subdivision and 13 individual homes, and distributed the proceeds of over $8,000,000 to the bank. The bank obtained title to the remaining property through foreclosure.
  • We have represented court-appointed receivers in dozens of proceedings concerning shopping centers, office buildings, marinas, apartment buildings and warehouse units.
  • We represented a national bank in federal court litigation to enforce a $84,250,000 note and defend multiple state and federal law counterclaims in the same case. The case included extensive e-discovery and pretrial proceedings, and depositions across the country. It settled before trial with the bank’s dispositive motion pending.
  • We defended a former chief technology officer against a large pharmaceutical company attempting to enforce a noncompete/nondisclosure agreement. We represented both the officer and his new company, and we successfully resisted discovery of the new company’s confidential information, resulting in a favorable settlement.
  • We have represented financial institutions and other clients in hundreds of cases involving the enforcement of commercial loan documents secured by real estate located throughout the state of Florida. We have appeared in nearly every county throughout the state during these proceedings.
  • We have won appeals in state and federal courts. In one of those appeals, we obtained clarification of an important provision of Florida’s Condominium Act, and recovered an attorneys’ fees award for our client.
  • We obtained a $15,000,000 judgment on behalf of an Asian computer manufacturer in a monthlong jury trial in federal court. We then successfully defended the judgment on appeal, represented the same client in the judgment debtor’s bankruptcy case, and then assumed control of the debtor in those proceedings.
  • We obtained the dismissal of two federal court class actions against a financial institution.
  • We advised a professional sports league in a contract arbitration proceeding.
  • We represented a Latin American company in the International Court of Arbitration.
  • We gave expert testimony in a Grand Cayman proceeding on Florida probate law.
  • We obtained an extremely favorable settlement of a lawsuit brought by our client, a national commercial roofing company, against its principal competitor.

The following is a list of selected cases (in reverse chronological order) that our attorneys have litigated:

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